Saturday, May 25, 2013

and I could take you out for breakfast, but he could take you round the world

 An update of sorts.

The other day, I read Francoise Sagan's novel Bonjour Tristesse. Considering that she only wrote it aged 18, it makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing with my life. But ah, it was a superb book. About a bored, hedonistic teenager on holiday who decide to scheme, since there's nothing better to do. It was fairly easy to immerse myself in, although that may have been because I was trying to distract myself from revision.

My new favourite band is San Cisco. Cuties from Western Australia. Their songs are toe-tappingly, infuriatingly catchy, and make you want to get up and move around and dance and wave your arms.

(Fred Astaire)


I'm going to try and upload more outfit shots at some point, now I've finished sixth form for good. :(

Peace out,

Saturday, April 27, 2013

RSD 2013 - "If anybody ever asks, let's just tell them that we met in jail"

Sorry for the lateness of this post! Revising for A Levels has taken up most of my time and I haven't been able to write a cohesive blog post of decent length, what with trying to cram Latin verb forms into my head. Anyway.
Record Store Day was last week. I was up bright and early at half 5 in order to queue, one might normally balk at that time. Yet by the time I arrived in Newcastle at 7am, there was already a massive queue. My 2 hours of shivering in the unnatural April chill was in vain, as Reflex had sold out of the Tame Impala EP I had sought.
Not wishing to be too disheartened, I made my way to RPM, a smaller store, to see what was left over. I picked up a copy of Recovery by Frank Turner with glee, as well as a Marshall Teller compilation EP with the likes of Novella and The History of Apple Pie. Both of which were definitely worth it, the EP I find is a lovely, chill-out record, and Frank is well....Frank. That man has yet to let me down, and I hope to see him in concert one day. Also managed to pick up a copy of California Daze by Peace.

It was a lovely sunny day, probably one of the hottest of the year. I burned quite a bit. But RSD always seems to have excellent weather. All in all, a great day. There's a brilliant ambiance to it, everyone piling into town to celebrate vinyl and music. I bumped into Frankie & The Heartstrings doing a DJ set, who again, are a fantastic band and cracking blokes.
Later in the week, I went back into Reflex to find out that some of their RSD stock had been delayed, so they had some leftover Tame Impala EPs. So guess what I bought. Mmmmm. Bright red vinyl. 

It sounds so different to Lonerism, which I adore, but the rawness of it still has the magnificent Kevin Parker touch. It's just making me more excited to see them live.
And that was my week. A good one. And I've just discovered an excellent band from Sydney, called the Preatures, check them out. These Australians......

Peace out
Alice x

Saturday, March 30, 2013

people from the city having lunch in the park

It's a funny place, London. My parents argue that it's too big, that there's too many people, and that's it's dirty, et cetera.
Personally, it seems like it has a heart. As if everyone who lives there owns a part of it, and shares it with everyone else. They all love it, and all hate it at the same time. It's very different to Newcastle, where we all fiercely love our city (and its various Greggs outlets) and will defend it to the death to any non-believers. Whereas in London, people seem to moan about its benefits and flaws, yet they still love it.

But yes, enough poetry, the point of this post is that come September, I may be moving there for uni. Well. There or hopefully Exeter, both of which are remarkably different. But still, both lovely places where I could find a home away from home.

I've finished school for another two weeks (and probably should be revising right now else I won't get into uni AT ALL). I'm seeing Peace in 15 days too. March has been good to me.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Things That Have Happened This Week - A Modern Day Drama

Firstly, last Friday, my phone broke. Happily researching away on my internet browser looking for a vegan flapjack recipe, it ceased working. The whole world crumbled around me. No twitter. No tumblr. More to the point, no looking at pictures of cute boys on tumblr. I couldn't even grieve properly for my poor deceased mobile phone; I had two hours of university seminars to concentrate on. Thus, I had to return to the real world. Depressed and unwillingly withdrawn from the glorious world of 140 character outbursts of fangirliness, I moodily made my way back home on Friday night. After sobbing into my lemon and coriander houmous and wheat-free crackers for quite some time, I dried my tears on the sleeve of my silk blouse (I know) and I thought "Okay, what the hell am I going to do now?!". Immediately I decided to be recklessly spontaneous and look into purchasing an iPhone. Which I consequently did. The world was once again restored and I felt like King Lear after his cathartic tirade on a rainy hilltop (fortunately however, everyone I know didn't die afterwards).

Secondly, IT'S EASTER BREAK which is very exciting. However, it would be more exciting if I didn't have a presentation to prepare, two essays to write, an assessment and commentary to plan and three books and one extract to read. This extensive list doesn't even include revising every text I have studied so far for the exams in may - which totals fourteen. I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't love literature though, which I do. A lot.

Thirdly, I bought a dungaree dress from Topshop which I haven't even worn except for this Wednesday just passed. I haven't worn dungarees since I was small and hesitated slightly at the checkout fearing I would look like a giant toddler but because this dress is simply perfect I think it is totally wearable. I wore it with a black sparkly cropped top, tights and a big saggy ass violet cardigan to hide under! Enjoy!!

Dungaree dress: Topshop
Crop top: Ark
Cardigan: Primark (many moons ago)

Monday, March 18, 2013

donnez-moi un limousine, je n'en veux pas

 I might put up a playlist of the songs I'm listening to now and again. Here's this week's. As you can see, there's an amalgamation of English and French artists, possibly due to my upcoming French oral exam. However, French music is nice, and clear. I've had a massive love of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin for a long time, but they don't feature in this yet, and my love stems from that musical partnership. One of my favourites.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

alice's first post: vintage fair and pub gig

This weekend was fairly interesting.

On Saturday there was a vintage fair where I live. They're pretty good for picking up some good things at cheap prices; a lot of the dresses there were only £10-20, and still good quality. A lot cheaper than some of the shops. I got two scarves for £3 which I was pretty pleased about.

Crappy instagram outfit shot.
Beret: handmade (sadly not by me)
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Dress: vintage shop in Bristol
(was also wearing bright red Doc Martens which you can't see here)   

Also visited a local pub to see one of my favourite bands, Frankie and the Heartstrings. 

They're a canny lot. It's the third time I've seen them and they always put on a good show. Good music to dance around your bedroom to. Because that's totally not what I all....
And I got a tie-dye Pop Sex Ltd tshirt. Goes with nearly nothing I own apart from denim but hey, it looks pretty cool. I think I now own about 11 band shirts. That's probably enough.
I should be at another vintage fair Saturday so I'll post up on that too.

Au rev,